Rieny Rijnen

Better, healthier and smarter 

The TOPIC company is based on the principle that we want to make the world a better, healthier and smarter place. This is true to the core values of TOPIC. We are fortunate to work with customers and employees that share that same value. TOPIC is able to provide a highly specialised added value that allows our clients to grow. This has been our objective from the start in 1996 and since then our company has grown to over 150 employees. TOPIC is a key player in the high-tech sector. Plus, we are at the heart of Brainport and close to the universities: at the global top. 

The TOPIC family

At TOPIC, we value the personal touch and we are driven in our client approach. Their ambitions become our ambitions. It is that same personal approach in which our employees interact among each other. We coach each other and get our kicks from the amazing projects we do. In our company, we speak of the TOPIC family and a new member will be called a TOPIC’er. It is important to me that working for TOPIC is felt as being part of a family. A family where we work together, respect each other and listen to each other. In a family, everyone gets a say and that is true for TOPIC as well. Every year, we organise the Townmeeting where all TOPIC’ers get a say about the development of the company. These opinions are valued and considered by our management team. Our family events are highly appreciated and for good reasons. We work hard together but try to enjoy ourselves and each other’s company just as much. That is the family culture of TOPIC: making the world a little better, healthier and smarter every day. Together and enjoying it while we do it. 

Rieny Rijnen
CEO and founder of TOPIC Embedded Systems