Bahar Kocamanoglu

Why do you work at TOPIC?

My job at TOPIC was the reason I emigrated to the Netherlands. A great decision that I have never regretted as TOPIC keeps their promises and helps out whenever needed. Also, as employees we get interesting training and the projects I work on are great. I also like being part of challenging projects with a variety of customers. Each new assignment is a new journey that helps me to improve myself, both technically and personally.

How would you describe your job and what does your working day looks like?

I love that my work is very dynamic and full of energy. I like communicating with other people in projects, exploring the software to find corner issues and finding the root cause of problems. And as a tester I can contribute to ensure the quality of our projects and with this, help make the world a little better! A working day starts with daily meetings where we come together with all project members early in the morning. I pick up my tasks to work on for that day and an energetic day starts: a day of meetings, working on the assigned tasks and of course finding some bugs 😊

What makes TOPIC great to work for?

TOPIC really supports having a family life, I love that. TOPIC is actually a family on its own, in our office in Best I always get the family feel. Smiling faces, open doors, time for a coffee break. Besides, I like the mindset of TOPIC where I always find support from my managers. Everything is open for discussion when it comes to my assignment or even my personal needs.