Annamarie Stanton

Why do you work at TOPIC?

I'm motivated through the impact we make to shape the world to be smarter and healthier each day. This is what the TOPIC mission is all about and this has appealed to me ever since I started working for the company. The diversity of projects and the opportunities given for personal development are also part of the reasons why I work for TOPIC. 

How would you describe your job and what does your working day looks like?

My work provides me an exciting challenge that varies day to day. As part of the hardware team, we implement a whole range of solutions in various industries; from designing medical IoT devices to developing the next generation of high-speed computing platforms - and everything in between - there is always an opportunity to learn while doing what I love.  

What makes TOPIC great to work for?

In an industry that remains male dominated, TOPIC treats women engineers with the same level of respect, interaction and opportunities as men. At TOPIC it is acknowledged that men and women have the same potential and TOPIC is keen to create more diversity by engaging more women in tech. 

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